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Robert Conquest

Robert Conquest is the acclaimed author of many works of history, including
The Great Terror and The Harvest of Sorrow.

Robert Conquest is a senior research fellow and scholar-curator of the Russian and Commonwealth of Independent States Collection at the Hoover Institution.
Winner of the Ingersoll Prize; winner of the Richard M. Weaver Prize; a New York Times Notable Book.

Conquest assigns responsibility for our century’s cataclysms not to impersonal economic or social forces but to the distorted ideologies of revolutionary Marxism and National Socialism.

The final, sobering chapters of Reflections on a Ravaged Century concern themselves with some coming storms, notably that of the European Union, which Conquest believes is an economic, cultural, and geographical misconception divisive of the West and doomed to failure.

Hoover Digest - 2000 No. 4 -
Robert Conquest: Why Britain Should Say No ... Robert Conquest There is not a single convincing argument why Britain should join the European Union—not one. But there are plenty of reasons why Britain shouldn't.

- To Be, Or Not To Be A Country - that is the question
Sir Oliver Wright, GCMG, DCVO, DSC, April 2001 .... more


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