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Martin Wolf

Martin Wolf

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Many in Europe want Europe to emerge as a great power a goal I believe neither feasible nor desirable.

I can understand the arguments for streamlining decision-making.
But I do not understand why a constitution should be a priority.
Nothing is going to turn the EU into a United States of Europe.

In the end, the EU will remain a structure for co-operation and competition among states embedded in a shared institutional framework.
Martin Wolf, Financial Times 14/3 2007

Nothing short of a catastrophe will stop China, India and the rest from developing. Europeans must adapt. But if they do so, they will enjoy a host of exciting opportunities in a bigger world.

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Comment by Rolf Englund:
I agree with Martin Wolf that EU will not become a United States of Europe.
The problem is that they will try. They will fail, but not without a lot of pain for the peoples of Europe.
What we have to to is to roll back EU before it becomes a sort of USE when the roll-back with be much more painful for everyone.

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